Tool Making

At Highline Precision, we specialise in tool making. Specifically the manufacture of small to medium sized injection, DST mould tooling and extrusion dies. We have over 38 years experience in the tool making industry and have built up an expert knowledge base. This has helped us to construct a strong portfolio in the 31 years that our business has been running.

We pride ourselves on complete accuracy and only the highest quality production. We have a proven track record with many strong partnerships and happy customers.

Alongside this we also manufacture Plastic Extrusion Tooling, Press Tools, Punches & Dies.

We have a powerful, high quality CAD/CAM tool making system which gives us the ability to manufacture 3D mouldings to virtually any specification you could request. Using this high tech system we can generate extremely accurate 3D profiles and cutter paths to a customers exact requirements.

For more information regarding our CAD/CAM and tool manufacturing, and any projects you have in mind, then please get in touch with us today. You can either call us on , or use the contact form on this page.